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           Contained herein is Information of a Controversial Nature, Including But Not Limited To, References to Marijuana, Marijuana Laws, and those who would curtail your Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. There will likely be Expletives Undeleted here as well. This site is, by Design, dedicated to Those who can and do think for themselves. If you have a problem with this. . . thats on you; simply click the link leading Away from this Site, and Never Come Back.
           The Author accepts No Responsibility for comments that others may find Offensive, Annoying, or just plain Mean. Nor does the Author accept Responsibility for Prohibition, Inhibition, Intermission or Cohabitation. Furthermore, the Ice Age, Global Warming, Thermonuclear Weapons, Solar Energy, Hybrid Vehicles, Hybrid Vegetables, Dehydrated Vegetables, and Dehydrated Water (just add water) are also on the list of things the Author accepts No Responsibility for. In Addition, Responsibility for Biblical Inconsistencies, Incontinence, Inconvenience, Convenience Stores, Home Appliances, Homework, Over Work, Workahol (the Drug of Choice for Workaholics), and Alcoholism falls on the shoulders of other persons than the Author of this WebSite.
In short, the Only Responsibility of the Author is to Himself, to do that which is right, for himself and others. Anyone who doesn't like it is SOL.
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